Thursday, June 09, 2011

Updates 3

Yeah, this is my 3rd Updates post. The first one was about physical pain (caused by my impacted tooth), and the second one tackled my emotional pain (my year-end drama). Now don't worry, this isn't under that topic anymore. Err, actually, I've got a lot of things to cover, so I'll stop linking my previous posts now...

  • My Nokia E63 is confined in the hospital! LOL no, it's in the hands of the Nokia Care Center at Glorietta 3. Here's the story: I was going home from work when I noticed that the battery of my phone was warm (it was turned off). So I took it off and let it cool. After a few minutes, I put the battery back and turned the phone on, but to no avail. I thought that the battery simply had no charge, so when I got home, I plugged the charger in. But the battery just got hot again, and that's when I decided to take it to the Nokia Care Center. They replaced the battery free of charge! However, after a few minutes of using the phone and turning it off, it all happened again. And so, I went back to the center and explained my brother's theory: the problem must be in the motherboard of the phone. Now, I'm just waiting for the center's diagnosis and solution. Thank God for warranties! But hey, this is no simple matter. I got depressed for a couple of days, you know. Perhaps due to separation anxiety or something. I only bought that phone last April, and the money was worked hard for. Ooh, I miss it so much!
  • My normal schedule is back! After a month of experiencing the night shift and not liking it, finally, they let me go back to the day (9AM to 6PM). I have a new position, of course, and it's a much more challenging one. Before, I was just doing one aspect of SEO, but now, it's like everything is taken care of by my team. Well, not really everything, but it's enough to make our job very sensitive. I got a lot of upgrades, though. Hihi! Anyway, I can't give any more details, so just be happy for me. LOL!
  • Have you ever heard of the term mood-cooking? It's self-explanatory, but I'm gonna share this thing that I read from Food-ology:
Mood-cooking takes meal success and recipe organization to a whole new level: recipes paired by mood!

If you are feeling indulgent, withdrawn, adventurous or fickle – use that self awareness to enhance, support or lift your mood through food!
With a gloomy mood (because I'm down with fever and it's been raining since yesterday), I decided to make two pasta dishes: Kung Pao and Cheesy Pesto. No, I didn't make them from scratch. I used the ready-made sauces from Clara Ole. And I'm telling you, they're delicious! They don't taste store-bought at all.

Kung Pao

Cheesy Pesto

Cheesy Pesto with Parmesan Cheese

  • My Nutella Review is coming very soon! Actually, my mind was already set to doing it today, but I had to postpone it again because of my stupidity. This weekend, perhaps? I hope I find the drive. Anyway, this is what happened:

Notice the layer of frozen grease on top?
I put it in the refrigerator! Ugh, stupid me, I know. Too bad I didn't see this first:

That's what happens when people don't read labels.

So, that's it! Four updates in a post. Gosh, I hope I still get to keep this up. My work doesn't have anything to do with blogs anymore, and I'm afraid I might grow tired of this again. I really hope not! I swear, my next post will be about my review of Nutella... and others.

Nutella vs. Finetti vs. Nusica vs. Goya
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