Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sims 2 House Designs (Part 1)

Okay, I admit it. No Harry Potter movie marathon happened last weekend. I didn't watch any of the films in the franchise, not even a glimpse or a trailer. And yes, I am kind of ashamed of myself, having broadcasted that I would. But hey, I will get over it soon, and I'm sure that someday, I will see that movie maration through. For now, I'm gonna share to you the reason for all of this:

Yes, it was all because of The Sims 2. I am aware that there's already a third game in one of the most successful video game series of all time, but since I have already mastered the controls and gameplay of this version, I decided to stick with it until I get bored with it.

Some people enjoy playing The Sims because they get to control lives like a god. Others spend so much time building skills and gaining friends for their sim to reach the top of its career. Me, I forget about eating, bathing, and sleeping to do something else: build and design sim houses.

Yes, that's all I did last weekend, and I got three things done:

#1 - I slightly modified one of the built-in two-storey sim houses available and created a three-member family called the Michigans. With no plans of cheating, I moved them in and played a couple of sim days. After a few human hours, I moved on to...

#2 - I enrolled the child to college to be able to design the sim dormitory where the child will live. I got nostalgic about how I did the sim dormitories when I first played the game, so I took one of those I previously worked on and carried out the same things in a slightly different way. The next day, I concentrated on...

#3 - I created my cheat sims. I made an overly wealthy family with the intention of giving them the most luxurious life I've always wanted ever simulated. I purchased one of the biggest sim houses in the neighborhood and spent the whole day and night remodeling and designing everything. When I finished, I played a couple of sim days, and then wrapped things up.

I can't really say I'm a frustrated architect or interior designer. After realizing early in my life how awful my drawing skills are, I immediately crossed that one out of my list. Maybe I'm just really into it, like how we say we're into a particular cuisine or color.

And to end this brief post, I'm going to publish MS Paint screenshots of the sim house of my cheat family after the remodeling (no indoor furnitures yet). For the inside look of the completed sim house and the dormitory I did, wait for my next post. 'Til then!

Front overview
Full overview
Rear overview
Overview at night

Gazebo and walkway
First floor overview

Second floor overview
Third floor
P.S. I didn't build the sim house from the ground up. It was built-in and I just made tons of modifications. I think it was originally a two-storey house. Lol

Update: The Sims 2 House Designs (Part 2)

Note: All photos, except The Sims 2 logo, are mine.

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