Saturday, November 06, 2010

Review: Battle of the Facial Washes

I've been into facial washes for several years now, and I've only used 3 brands faithfully: Master, Gatsby, and Human Nature.

Master Facial Scrub - Oil Control
Gastby - Refreshing Wash Scrub
Human Nature Organic Facial Wash - Calendula & Seaweed Gel

From what I remember, it's one of the first local facial care products that's marketed to men. I was in high school when it became popular, and their ads easily convinced me that men's faces need more than soap and water too. So, I made sure that my parents included it in their groceries. With that, I became a loyal consumer for many years. I even told people that it's my secret to an acne-free skin (actually, it's due to my genes). Here's what I think:
  • Product quality/reputation: Made by Sara Lee. 'Nuff said.
  • Effectivity: Highly effective against acne. Whenever I had pimples, I just covered it with a glob, and it dried up.
  • Consistency (1 - fluid, 5 - thick): 3. Makes me squeeze out more than what I need.
  • Affordability: 100 mL bottle costs around... P120? Not the cheapest around.
  • Features: Zeroil, anti-bacterial agent, microscrubs. Not too catchy, but they're there.
  • Remarks: Really cleanses and smoothens skin. Cooling sensation provides relief. Smells manly but too strong. Removes oil well, but doesn't lessen the production much.
  • Strongest point: effectivity

It was during college when Master lost me. I'm still using it at present, but only as a shaving aid. Actually, I'm just emptying the bottle up. So, what happened? What made me change? The answer: Gatsby.


When Gastby came into play, I just had to try it. It had charcoal for Pete's sake! I couldn't resist knowing what it would feel to clean my face with a "dirty" ingredient. So I bought one, and after my first wash, it made me switch instantly. Here's why:
  • Product quality/reputation: Imported by Mandom, which makes Gatsby. Impressive "resume".
  • Effectivity: Pretty much effective. The charcoal does clean.
  • Consistency: 4. Makes me squeeze out the right amount. Lasts longer.
  • Affordability: 120g costs less than P100. Much more affordable.
  • Features: Charcoal, scrub, witch hazel extract, menthol. Got me real good.
  • Remarks: Also cleanses and smoothens skin. With cooling sensation, but not as cool. Citrus smell is pleasant. Doesn't lessen oil production either (I think it's my sebaceous glands, not the products).
  • Strongest point:  longevity, affordability

If you're not really after effectivity, Gatsby is the practical choice. If you want a potent facial wash, go for Master.

Human Nature

It was my good friend Raica who introduced me to Human Nature a few months ago. Upon trying their stock at home, I got convinced right away that I had to buy one for myself. What got me? It's purely organic. Plus, I thought that it was about time for me to go green, so I made an order as soon as I got home. (I just ran out of supply, so I don't have photos.) Here's my verdict:

  • Product quality/reputation: Made by Gandang Kalikasan. Legit organic ingredients.
  • Effectivity: Cleans well.
  • Consistency: 2/3. Fluid but as stable as gel. Either you squeeze out little or too much. Since a small amount is enough, it lasts surprisingly long.
  • Affordability: 100mL costs around P130 plus shipping. Expensive, but the ingredients justify the price.
  • Features: Calendula, seaweed gel. May cause allergic reactions, but not harsh on skin because it's organic.
  • Remarks: Cleans and smoothens skin as well, but makes your face too slippery for you to feel the cleanliness with your hands. No cooling sensation, but the candy-like smell is great. Made my skin a bit more oily. Caused pimples (not too bad).
  • Strongest point:  all-organic

I think it caused pimples because my face wasn't used to an organic facial wash. They thought it was the seaweed, but I dismissed that because I'm not allergic to it. But there was one thing that really impressed me: the customer service. They responded to my every e-mail, and they even offered to replace the one I bought with a different variant. Well, I ended up using it all anyway, so I guess that's faithful enough, but I'm not gonna buy again from them anytime soon. It's too expensive, and ordering online is a hassle (you have to deposit your payment to their bank account if you want to avoid the more expensive shipping fee).

Sooooo, I'm back to Gatsby. At this point, I'm open to trying other facial care products. There are so many new brands out there, and they're too interesting to be ignored. So stick around for my next facial wash review. If you want to suggest a brand, please leave a comment. Better if you give me a free sample. =)

Note: All photos related to Master and Gatsby are mine.


  1. I tried using master before and boy my face ended having more pimples than it already had then. I think it's not really about the brand. Just like women, the faces of men are unique from each other. Some faces have special needs. So it would probably nice to find the one that is designed to specifically cater to those needs.

  2. @Nik: Yes, everyone has a unique skin type, so all the 3 brands that I mentioned might not even work for some. I hope you find the facial wash that suits your skin perfectly. Thanks for the comment! =)

  3. I can't find this gatsby scrub anywhere. Help.

  4. this is a great product I personally use this in my face. now even I play basketball or 24 hours without washing my face. I dont get pimples at all.

  5. Any idea where I can get Gatsby scrub? Searching since long.. please help


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