Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates (Or Lack Thereof)

Sooooo. Not a single post for 3 days. So much for telling Pen that I want to be a famous blogger. Hahaha! Dreams. Yeah, they're free.

Anyway, so why wasn't I able to write? It's because of my impacted tooth. (See? I told you it's taking over my life.) For the past few days, it has become so insufferably painful that I failed to concentrate on thinking about a good topic for a post. Heck, about anything!

The super mega hyper intense pain came about a couple of days ago. It was just so severe that the 500 mg tablet of mefenamic acid didn't even take effect! I was able to accomplish things at work, but I came home overly uncomfortable because of the toothache, wanting to be slammed in the face by a sledgehammer instead.

Yesterday, I felt a lot better. The mefenamic acid finally worked, but I decided not to report to the office. I thought I really had to do something about it immediately, so I called a few dentists as soon as I woke up, including Michelle's brother, to solicit opinion.

Following Dr. Renoir's (le brother) advice, I went to SM Southmall to have an x-ray of my teeth taken, which cost P800. (Huhuhu, this is making me bankrupt!) Then, I went to Michelle's house to drop off the x-ray. Soon after, JC showed up, and we eventually went to Alabang Town Center to meet up with Pao. We ate, hung out, ate, did videoke at Timezone, and ate some more. So there, I was busy yesterday, and I got too tired and, at the same time, overjoyed to write a post.

How about today? Less pain than yesterday, but it's still there. And the surgery has been scheduled! The bastard tooth will FINALLY be extracted on Saturday. Yey! How much? Around P8000. Ye... awww. AWWW.

What? You smell something? Something stinks? Yeah. It's my imminent bankruptcy. Huhuhu..... Goodbye Christmas. Goodbye planned trips. No gifts for loved ones. Boo, dentists.

So, any update? Ugh. You're reading it. (Thank you.)

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