Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Pageviews And Our National Hero

This has slapped me a valuable lesson on the face: a lot can happen in just a few seconds. Well, make that in between refreshes.

You see, I was skimming through my blog when I saw at the bottom of the page that I had reached 2010 pageviews. Naturally, since it's 2011, I wanted to take an image of the moment when it reaches 2011. So I took a snapshot of the screen before it did to document the event:

See the date at the bottom right corner? It's proof that I took it last Friday. Sorry for the cropping, by the way. I can't let you see what was going on there.

Anyway, so I kept on hitting F5 as I waited for the numbers to go up a notch. However, to my disappointment, 5 minutes of constant refreshes didn't cut it. So I resumed what I was doing for a while, and with that I meant a really, really short while. Like 20 seconds. When I hit F5 again, shit happened:

Because Lady Luck's cool like that.

After I lured bats to our office window for screaming "DAMN IT!" in my head with much ire that it turned supersonic, I continued with my life. During break time, I opened my blog once more and posted a comment on some other blogger's post. You guys know that some blogs require word verification before publishing a comment, right? Well, this was the word that I had to type in:

Well, whatdya know. The Philippines' national hero is popular in the blogosphere.

Note: All photos are mine.

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