Saturday, March 05, 2011

Still In Hibernation

Okay, I'm going to explain myself. LOL

Here are my reasons for the lack of new posts since January 12:
  1. No more blogging juice. (I think I've lost the enthusiasm.)
  2. No time. I've been tremendously busy with work. The past few weeks and weekends were filled with mandatory OTs. Hence,
  3. No more energy and
  4. Brain power left for blogging when I come home.
Hmm, I'm still not sure when will the next post be because there's another mandatory OT week coming. And nobody knows when the OT saga will end. So yeah, I'm still in hibernation.

My sincerest apologies to the blogosphere.

P.S. My Facebook account is temporarily deactivated. Personal reasons. Just tune in to my Twitter and Tumblr; they're very much active these days.

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